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Dusted Asbestos Manufacturers & Suppliers

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Dusted Asbestos
Dusted Asbestos Yarn

Composed by more than 75% asbestos fiber and small than 25% cotton or other fiber, with color white. According to quality grade of asbestos fiber, it can be divided into: C grade, B grade, A grade, AA grade, AAA grade, and AAAA grade, different grade has different temperature resistance and tensile strength, the yarn can be reinforced by glass fiber yarn, brass yarn, and stainless steel yarn according to requirements.

Dusted Asbestos Square rope

It is made of long asbestos fiber yarn and braided into square form, extensively used as heat insulation and sealing materials on thermal installations and heat conduction systems. Metallic wire reinforced on request.

Twisted Dusted Asbestos rope

Twisted with two or more strands of long asbestos fiber yarn, Extensively used as caulking, sealing and heat insulation materials on thermal installations and heat conduction systems operated at temperatures up to 250-550. Metallic wire reinforced on request.

Dusted Asbestos Round rope

It is made of long asbestos fiber yarn and braided into round form, extensively used as heat insulation and sealing materials on thermal installations and heat conduction systems. Metallic wire reinforced on request.

Dusted asbestos lagging rope

Outside over braided with dusted asbestos open mesh, inside filled with ceramic or other fiber. It is a comparatively light weight thermal insulating material. Possessing good elasticity and flexibility, It is suitable for use at temperature up to 650 degree C on heating pipelines with many flexures and subjects to constant vibration.

Asbestos packing with graphite

It is a braided packing made of asbestos yarns, thoroughly impregnated piece by piece with dry graphite, and externally coated with pure graphite. It is suitable for high temperatures and high pressures, used in pumps & valves, for medium of oils, superheated steam, solvents, gas, ammonia, abrasive liquids. Metallic wire reinforced on request.

Asbestos packing with graphite & oil

Made from dusted asbestos yarns, treated with lubricant and graphite. Used in pump, valve, etc. Suitable for medium are steam, air, industrial water, petroleum oil. Metallic wire reinforced on request.

Wire reinforced Graphited Asbestos packing with rubber

This is a packing for high temperature and high pressure, It is made of dusted asbestos yarns treated with rubber and graphite. Normal with metallic wire (copper wire, Inconel wire or stainless wire) reinforced.

Asbestos packing with PTFE

Braided of dusted asbestos yarns impregnated with PTFE dispersion. It is a flexible, resilient, homogeneous and compact packing .Used in pumps and valves for various kinds of chemicals (acid, alkali, oil, steam, ammonia, etc),can be for petrochemical and foodstuff industries.

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